Wednesday, March 28, 2012

At a Kimmi Dora 2 Shoot

Observed a shoot for Film class last weekend. Special thanks to Director Joyce Bernal and Asst. Director Irene Villamor for the opportunity to learn and observe.

With Director Joyce Bernal and Assistant Director Irene Villamor

Kiray in a flashback scene

Moving the camera to shoot from another POV

Talent joking with the Direk

Asst. Director waiting for camera to roll

Speaking with the camera man

Checking out the shots

With Director Joyce Bernal and Ryan.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fake Nails and No Chip UV Polish

A while back I was able to try the Jennifer Lynn No Chip UV polish. (more on that here)

This was pretty cool since my nails have a tendency to chip and I could never grow them. With the gel polish, not only did it protect my nails from chipping, but the colors were so bright and the polish was so shiny!

This got me thinking about long nails, though. The next best thing to my short nails? Fake nails! 
I managed to find a box of fake nails from SM Watsons for PHP 64. I made a mistake upon application and unfortunately, these nails did not fare well through my busy day. They either fell off one by one or I ripped them off out of frustration.

Finally tried again with an old pack of fake nails a friend gave me eons ago. Used nail glue from SM (PHP 18, I really can't believe it's that cheap). This time, the nails are sticking on.

I take forever as I write this blog post. This is probably the first time in my life (not counting last week's failed attempt at sporting fake nails) that I have (fake) long nails. With these babies, even the simplest tasks, like opening a zipper or texting, become impossible. But, it's so pretty, I can't help it.

Let's see how long I keep them on this time.

Okayyy, so I ripped tim out last night. No more long nails for me.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spiral Minds Productions presents "Bente Kwatro"

Spiral Minds Productions 
"Bente Kwatro"

Great working with you guys! Special thanks to Direk Karl Porio. 
Congratulations to all of us, and also the other groups.

Cause for celebration? Finally, film finals are over! Hahahaha! Let's crack open a bottle of JD!

Leaving you with these photos/video, at least until I figure out a way to upload the actual movie.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

On talking--

So many things spoken, left lingering in the air in all but a few seconds. They then dissipate into nothingness, oblivion, unless someone hears-- that's the trick, I guess.

On paper that is not a problem. What is written lives on. It stands alone for the future to behold and discover. On paper evidence remains, unlike those words uttered: gone and fleeting.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Flying away to summertime.

The first ever attempt at making a music video. Shot to the music of Moony's Flying away, and edited by yours truly.

Summer is almost here! Enjoy!

Production team: Bea Rillo, Denise Tabberrah, Paching Perido, Gab Rojas, Ralph Salgado, and me!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Roll Camera

Today was a busy day. Today we got a 1 in a production (!!!). So.... I'm posting this. 

We used this for our opening. Excuse the perkiness-- had to be in character for the show format.

Also, today, I took the ABS CBN tour for the second time (the first time we ended up being serenaded by Brownman Revival and I had relatives who saw on TV as proof of it). This time, I ended up speaking on cam with Joey Marquez. My 2 minute spotlight. And yet, I found myself pretending it was just TV production class to ease the nerves (because being scared for your grade helps).

Thursday, March 8, 2012

School and the things we do for it

Been so busy with school (and the want to graduate) lately that I haven't been able to spew words or photographs on here.

For a change, I'm posting a short video I edited with iMovie (ooooh, the wonders of this program, I absolutely love it!). We used this as the OBB for one of TV Productions, a drama show entitled "Paorder".

Music by Jet with "Are you gonna be my girl"