Wednesday, November 30, 2011

St. James Bazaar at Cuenca Park

Finally got the chance to visit this year's Cuenca bazaar. There were so many pretty things, although they aren't as cheap anymore. Today was the last day and the place was packed! I did manage to take a few photos in that big mosh pit that was the bazaar. 

Tip: Because there were so many people, it was very hard to go around and go back for things. When we saw something we liked but wasn't sure about getting it, we'd get the store's card/contact. These stores usually sell online too. That way, we know where to reach them when we decide we wanna get something.

Cutest notepads ever from Quiddity
Pretty bags and necklaces.
Bling and things.

We survived this traffic!

The Nicest Thing

Had a shoot today with Trish and Carlos. It turned into this lovey dovey shoot at the park. The first one after having read my camera manual.

P.S. Reedited everything. Just realized it was too yellow.

17: Upon leaving that concert with you

And I remember that moment. Nothing special. We were walking to where the guys were. This was after your gig, the first gig of yours I've ever watched, I think. (Little did I know that it was the first of many times I would be watching you do what you do.) My head was light, it may have been all the beers. It may have been the fact that you invited me tonight, either way the gig zipped past me and left me in this moment. Here we were silent. There was no one to shout or cheer. Nothing was moving in the dead of the night, just the lights and the distant sound of people not caring. Nothing but you and me. At that moment, we could do anything. We were together. We held hands.

Cafe Adriatico at MOA

I was at MOA earlier for a writing assignment. Again, I thank the Manila traffic for arriving late. A quick dinner was in order (it was almost 7, and my appointment got pushed back).

We ended up eating in Cafe Adriatico which turns out to be the LJC Group's flagship restaurant. Abe's, Lorenzo's Way and Fely J's are just a few of the restaurants from the group. I always find it a pleasant surprise when I walk into one of their many restos-- means they have Gising gising. I adoreeeee Gising gising.

Of course that was the first thing we ordered, along with other things:

Mao's Chicken Salad (PHP 235) This looked a lot better when they served it to us, but, as I always do, I took a bite before I remembered to take a photo. This had hoisin sauce and peanuts, very interesting.

Salpicao Rice (PHP 390) The meat was very tender. Good job! I hate it when they serve salpicao made out of leather.

Lola Ising's Adobo (PHP 435) This has been the best adobo dish I've tasted so far. Meat was also very tender. I love how it has that perfectly cooked pork slice on top of the adobo rice. Nothing wrong with the rice but I liked the meat better with plain rice, I thought it was more bagay. I'm weird like that. (Did I just say more bagay? I do apologize for that.)

Chocolate Decadence (PHP 175) This cake was good. I love chocolate cakeeeee. ;)

Contact them through here: LJC's Cafe Adriatico

Monday, November 28, 2011

Roxy Femme Fling and Energy Drinks

My Saturday was spent in Nuvali for Roxy's Femme Fling.  I had the good fortune of going as WhenInManila's representative. 

Oh the fun that was had! This included manicures, a make up tutorial, a fashion challenge, and a shopping spree of 10k per  attendee. All those bikiniiiiiiiis (and the boy already thinks I have too many bikinis).

Read more about the event here: Roxy's Femme Fling: A Nuvali Adventure

On the 'Playa Del Sol' shoot with bloggers Shen and Lissa

Trish, today's photographer, without the Rockstar energy drink. Too bad I don't have an after photo.

Upon getting there.

Meeting lovely new people.  Nikki of Stylebible and Laira who helped organize the event.

Nikki, Laira, Shen of, Cecille who also helped with the event, and hyped up me with Rockstar in hand.

Laira and Roxy of Roxy. Cool no?

More Rockstar!

My manicured hand out of the frame

Our group's final photo for the style challenge.

Grabbed this from Shen's blog. Fave photo from the event. ;)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Casa Velasco

Today was a very busy day. I spent the whole day in Nuvali for Roxy's Femme Fling (more on that later) with Trish. Funny how things worked out and I ended up with her as my photographer. Long story.

We got home at around dinner time, because we asked the Kuya Driver Rockstar to fly us back to the Fort (man, those Rockstar energy drinks really work! ).The night ended at the Casa with Bri and the gang. I missed it: silly dancing and songs that I somehow remember but never know the titles of. And food. There's always food-- for where there is Brian, there is food.

Friday, November 25, 2011

DIY: "I'm So Fabulous I Piss Glitter" Nails

Ok. I have no idea why I've been so obsessed over nail art lately. Weird.

I've been seeing gradient nail art online a lot. Here's my take on that style.

Sorta like a glitter french tip or mermaid nails. I like my working title better. 
 From what I've seen, they usually use 3 colors, a base coat, and two glitter polishes to make the transition better. But since I love shortcuts, here are the two I used:

16: Blah

Come home. Have a false sense of need to finish something. Finish it. Or not. Still feel unaccomplished. Get weirded out by the fact that there's an odd calm surrounding you. Surf the net, talk to friends. Get mad at group mates. Or not. Finish reports/assignments/readings anyway. Play games. Watch TV. Lose yourself to interesting banter with old friends. Go on Facebook. Promise to read Rilke. Learn about an old classmate's marriage. Want waffles with chocolate spread. Wonder why nothing seems significant today.

Doggy Doo Da

Old photos of the doggies, just because I'm bored.

Mr. Alfie, the visitor

Mimi with Nala (?) or Tammy (?)

Big dogs want in on the fun.

"A person's a person, no matter how small".. or a dog

Julia perfectly happy with her sailor outfit.

"It's a giant!", Mimi shouted.


Misty's face is priceless!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

15: Feels like Insomnia (?)

Ever since I can remember, these long nights have given me company. With the dark comes the rush of words and ideas and the restlessness.

I've never liked sleeping. I've never liked the idea that somewhere in the world, someone's having an adventure, and I'm just in bed-- not that I have adventures on a daily basis anyway.

I guess there's an underlying issue. I want an adventure and I'm stuck here waiting for one.  On some level, I used to refuse sleep because I was afraid that I might miss that which I had been waiting for. Certainly, I thought to myself, Asteroid B 612 was not discovered by those in slumber and Neverland didn't fly into itself.

I wanted to find my own story.

So I sat by the window and stared at those stars, and wondered how I was going to saw off the iron grills that kept me from outside (it didn't occur to me that I could just have wandered out the front door just as effectively).

No Peter Pans came my way, and The Little Princes of this universe remained elusive to me. The only thing I managed to do was drive myself half crazy hoping something grand would happen.

I wanted my story and I waited for it to arrive outside my window. Not anymore.

I want my story and now, I write it myself.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

14: Upon waking to a rainy day.

It's the cold and calmness that I like. And the feeling that something different is about to happen.

Food de Sentosa: Authentic Singaporean Cuisine

Bri found the most amazing Singaporean restaurant along Vito Cruz. We checked it out this weekend. Say hello to the newest Laksa convert! (it's so goooooood)  Here's what we had.
Tom Meow, Hainanese Chicken Rice, and Seafood Laksa.

Prices aren't bad, too. They also have budget meals.
Imagine my delight when I realized just a few minutes ago that there's a BF branch! 

This place is definitely a must try. Be adventurous, people!

Food de Sentosa
Authentic Singaporean Cuisine

Unit B/2 488 P. Ocampo Sr. St, Malate, Manila
(This is just past Harrison, across the street. Between Chow King and BPI)
+632 254 6800

298 Aguirre Ave. BF Hones, Parañaque
+632 826 0105

Monday, November 21, 2011

Soderno at Molito, Food Market

Checked out Soderno on it's first weekend open.

 Of course I ended up with these! The isaws were ginormous! I couldn't not try them!

The birthday boy with his burger. 

We left with the realization that we do not like crowds. The bazaar was packed to capacity! Will have to come back and check out their fashion markets, though.

Cooling off inside the mall.

13: The fight

The silence and the tenderness. The warmth that resides in my heart. The sweet smiles thrown, hands clasped together. Safety in your presence and our hearts on our sleeves.


Words as sharp as daggers and sighs of disbelief. That look, that evil, evil look and a glimpse of hatred in your eyes. There is no understanding. There is no room for love.

And then it subsides. All is forgiven, but not forgotten.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

In Photos: Julia wants attention.

The blue wall outside the house proved to be a very pretty backdrop. Fooling around with the camera, it wasn't long before Julia showed interest. After futile attempts to get noticed, she sits on my foot.

Well played, Julia.

Photos by Camille.

Best Western Premiere F1 Hotel, Breakfast Buffet

Best Western Hotel is a new hotel franchise located in Taguig. Last Friday, we finally checked it out. 
 F Restaurant and their breakfast buffet:

My favorites were the salmon, the shrimp, and the congee (gooooooddd congee).

F Restaurant is located at the 5th floor of Best Western, beside the pool area. The breakfast buffet cost us P 600 per head, not bad. The food was good, although we heard that there were more options (including ice cream) in the lunch/dinner buffet (P 998). Next time, then!


Reservation hotline: +632.928.9888