Sunday, April 7, 2013

Little Quiapo, BF Homes

Little Quiapo's Mais con yelo, perfect for these really hot summer days.

A few days back, the family dined at Little Quiapo owing to the fact that my Aunt is visiting from the States.. and when there's a balikbayan relative, we Filipinos have to have our Halo halo! The heat these days help with the craving, too.

Little Quiapo is hidden away in BF, a village here in the South known for local watering holes and good eats. From what we heard from the servers, the restaurant used to serve 'pulutan' like their sisig with pig brain and beer, a perfect match. These days however, Little Quiapo has deviated from that watering hole persona and have moved towards being a more wholesome filipino restaurant knows for their Halo halos.

The family in little Quiapo.

Of course we had our Filipino food staples.  Palabok was one.

Camille being funny with the 'palabok'.

Pancit Canton

Fried rice

Lumpiang Shanghai

And their sisig. Not served with pig brain anymore, but definitely very, very good.

Camaron Rebusado which looked a little like corn dogs. These were okay but the batter can be overwhelming.

The famous Halo halo. Unfortunately, I don't eat halo halo (weird, I know.) but I am told these are very good. 

And this was what I had. Their Mais con yelo is pretty good, too.

And as I sit in today's 34 C heat, I am found wanting an order of their Mais con yelo goodness.  

Little Quiapo: 42 Aguirre Ave. cor. Lirag St., Phase 1 , BF Homes, Sucat, ParaƱaque City, B.F. Homes, 1720


  1. Those look delicious, especially the halo-halo! You should definitely try it 'cause you're missing out a lot! It's the perfect summer food. NOM NOM :)

    xx Daphne of

  2. food and food!! yummy...!! nagutom ako bigla...heheh


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