Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Working Girl Chic

Here's to being responsible & looking the part!

Okay, this is not really what I'd call "proper corporate look" but I just love how easy and put together this look is-- I mean it's basically a tee and a skater skirt! I now truly believe that a blazer over anything instantly makes you look responsible because well, look:

Hardiharhar! I was told that I was "very Chanel" that day (with the blazer buttoned all the way up) but really, all I was trying to channel (pun intended) was a more mature and proper look. Yeah, because grown ups usually wear a blingy necklace to compensate for all the black and greys they're wearing. 

Department Store shirt; Sam's Station skater skirt; Tomato Bag; 
Parisian flats; Blazer from Theme; Camille's gifted necklace; Roxy watch

Photos by Camille.

Anyway, great news today-- I found out I also passed Ateneo Law! Yay! A celebratory cupcake was in order because finally, finally, I've passed an Ateneo and UP school exam. (Champagne, champagne for everyone!)

I feel so grateful and overwhelmed right now-- a great job that I was just dreaming of last year, great opportunities for law school, and wonderful people around me.

Oozing with cheesiness, I can imagine meme like sparkles in my eyes. I am stopping before I gross myself out further. Who would've thought, yeah?


  1. pretty blazer! :)
    and glad that you're blessed with the job you love which doesn't hinder you from pursuing law.

  2. adore the outfit dear :))
    very chic!

    Michael Macalos


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