Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ruffles and Aztec in Blue

A summer outfit in the middle of the city. 

So today at work an idea was born: we were to make a group fashion blog. This idea came about when  the boss mandated that everyone should blog. All the talk on blogs led to an eventual show and tell of all the sites we liked and that was when the inevitable jealousy over things we do not have set in. Consensus is to make a group blog-- yes the office team I am in is powered by make-up, outfits, and estrogen. (Hahaha, I love this office).

Anyway, that idea came to a halt as soon as it came to what the blog name should be. And so, I must make do with my blog in the meantime.

This is an outfit my sister got for me from the Heatwave Bazaar at the World Trade Center. Amazingly the top and skirt cost only PHP 300. Beautiful bargain!

This is the Avon 'No to Violence' necklace-- it's a real functioning whistle! Read on more about it HERE

Top and skirt from Summer Solstice Bazaar; Grendha sandals, 
Roxy Bag, Gant watch; Avon No to Violence necklace

Photos by Jani Diaz.

If you need me, I will be in the office planning the group blog or working. Ya know.


  1. wow!!! top+skirt for only 300?!

  2. look good on you the colors too :)

  3. pretty top..

    Much Love,


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