Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DIY: Gradient Nails in Stripes

 I have never been this obsessive with nail polish all my life. As mentioned in my previous polish blog (here), I have been polishing and re polishing my nails. 

I have been looking for a certain shade of red orange polish, but I could never find a cheap version of it. Exasperated, I decided to paint my nails pink and orange instead. Not bad I think, considering this was the result of desperate fury.

A new twist to the gradient trend, these are three very close colors done in clean (well, as clean as I can manage) stripes. I put the darkest pink polish on, and then the lightest orange polish at the tip of the nail. Last step would be painting on the middle stripe.

Still a little messy since I made the mistake of falling asleep after I finished painting them (eek!) but I like it. Thoughts?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Red Orange

Unimaginative. Lazy. Loud. Vulgar. Accidental. Coincidental.

..at a loss for words, on a slow Sunday.

..hide behind orange lipstick, and everyone thinks it's red.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

High Kicks and Leather Jackets

Lazy clothes with a leather jacket and combat boots, they end up looking badas$.

Growing up, I was never a girly girl, and more often than not, I'd imagine myself looking cool. A cross between Lara Croft and Sarah Connor, that was the idea.

I look back at the snot nosed mess that was the pubescent and pre pubescent me.. no, I didn't look tough, cool, or badas$. Missed that peg by a mile.

Making up for it allllllll on this blog, with this outfit. Puberty, I beat you! Haha!

Sooooo, the boy says I look more cutesy and not bada$s. Oh well.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Love and other bugs.

When there are no feelings there is nothing. No sound, no light. Just the slow, shallow breathing of the person devoid of emotions. A shadow. For him there is no start, there isn't a build, there is no anticipation to the climax, not even the gentle descent into the solitary blues. Nothing. Silence and cold and the lonely heart's beating.

You don't know what you're missing. The muffled glee of a girlhood crush, or the patient and building love of an elderly couple. Not even the devastation that a failure brings when you think you've ruined your life for the nth time, each time as if you're being ripped to shreds. Nothing. Silence.

Grasping and groping for affection. We all need someone who can and will give it to us. And then we become the warm, fuzzy, cheesy people we all swore we'd never become.

But it feels so nice.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Wedding Buzz

Love is in the air and a wedding is in order.

Left for the province this weekend for a shoot with my cousin. What an experience! Just a little teaser before I get the actual shots ready. 

Prints and Hand-me-downs

So many cool clothes are coming to me lately, like these cool pants that my mom had hidden in her closet for the longest time. Am currently in love with skirts that are actually pants, they're just so comfy! 

And yes, I've just discovered the beauty of using a tripod and this blue wall at home.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Flaring Up

There was a flared/elephant jeans stage in my life. This was when low waist pants and t-shirt hoodies were everyday wear, showing an inch of tummy skin was acceptable, and Vid Ok! was a channel I actually enjoyed. Gone are the days. 

I retired these pants for so long, but I could never throw them away. Today, I justified all that sentimentality.

Not bad, yeah? I say they're making a comeback.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Because I spent the last 30 minutes crying over a book.

The moment I knew was the moment realized I was scared to lose you. How you walking out that door could be last I'd ever see of you. And though it isn't, thank god it isn't, I find myself holding breath every time I make little calls, this thin invisible thread connecting me to you-- an excuse to talk, to tell myself you're never leaving. Time does not help. As it grows, the more frightened I am of loss. Of fate and change.

I still pray. In between doubts and fear and thoughts. I know you're coming home to me.

"What if I hear your name and it will ring no bell?" (Xsite)

But no. You're here, we're home. We're all safe.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

DIY: Tie Dye Nails 2

My obsession with nail polish upped a notch because of this blog. I've been trying and trying all these DIY patterns, and it's been fun-- only I've gotten a little loopy with all the polish fumes. For the past three nights, I've been putting on, and removing polish.

A few months ago, I tried the Tie dye nail thing (check it out here), but I wasn't really satisfied with the results. I thought, what the heck, it's been a week of trial and error anyway, inhaled all the fumes I could inhale.

Proud to say, I've succeeded this time!

Here's a revised tutorial for Tie Dye Nails. You'll need:

Kitchen at Greenbelt

It was last week when we found ourselves in Greenbelt looking for a place to eat. Me and my friends, JC and Ian, were off to an art event later on in the night, but we wanted to catch dinner first.

We ended up in Kitchen, (spelled with a backwards K, just because) which was a perfect setting for the grown up dinner we had imagined.

The place had this modern yet comfy feel. The dim interiors and the clean lines added a touch of simple sophistication. Details like bare brick walls and exposed pipes were part of the whole look of the place. As one of my friends put it: reminiscent of a NY loft.

 We took a long time ordering, we just couldn't choose! I love how imaginative the names of the dishes are. We also saw the cool glass door that leads to the bathroom. You could see the bookshelf of the other restaurant through it.

Here's what we finally ordered:

Spinach salad (I forget the exact name)  Very good, the peanut brittle was a very good touch
On Barbie's Cue (meat and seafood kebab). According to Ian, this is what he always orders here.
The pasta JC had. This has mozzarella, kesong puti, and keso de bola in it. Goooood.

It's So Good It's So True. Yes, I kid you not, that is this dish's name. Salmon with tagalog beefsteak sauce.
The drinks: Ian's panda drink (green), JC's gulaman like drink, and my grape shake.

It was a nice place with it's cute little quirks like their very big plates and utensils and the use of salt as decoration. When we asked the waiter about said salt, he told us, "Ah, concept lang po yan", and then gave us a quick smile.

Very nice place, good ambience. Perfect for intimate meals and grown up dinner dates. 

KitchenGreenbelt 3

G/F Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 757-4565 to 66

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

PF Chang's, Alabang Town Center

Here's a few photos from the lunch we had last Tuesday at the new PF Chang's Restaurant. Check out my full article here: PF Chang's for When In Manila

All this food for four people!
Our cocktails: Something sweet for the lady and something strong for the gentleman. All this beside a martini glass full of Dynamite Shrimp.
The people who brought PF Chang's to the Philippines.. taking a photo of the people taking a photo of them.

Terracotta Warriors

Guess where we went today?

Starts with a "PF, ends with a "Chang's".

Haha! Okaaaay, off to PF Chang's today for their media lunch. More on that later here and on WIM.

 Wait for it!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mellow 94 7 School of Jocks Auditions (2012)

Have you always wanted to be a DJ? Do you have what it takes to be on radio? Are you tough enough? 

Take on the challenge!

Mellow 947’s official student-centric radio show opens its doors this year 2012 to all aspiring bona fide college students to try out and be part of School of Jocks.

Show us what you’ve got and make your way to LAZERXTREME, 4TH floor of MARKET MARKET on February 04 Saturday at 12noon. Bring your resume and a copy of your school ID, and be ready to meet your favorite Mellow 947 jocks. Exciting surprises await the first 50 auditionees! School of Jocks OPEN AUDITION 2012. Special thanks to LazerXtreme, extreme fun for everyone!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

AB Paredes' Silent Swim at Nectar

Just a few of my favorite paintings from AB Paredes' Silent Swim at Nectar. Read more about it on my WIM article here.

These photos do not give these paintings justice. You have to see for yourself.

ART in heART

Last night was a good night. Grown up dinners, art and wine pairings, and more talk of art. Learning of concepts and lusting over furniture. The streets of Makati, and me finally gathering up enough courage to drive outside of the south. And, the quest to find the perfect light, and a perfect place to talk, both of which proved to be impossible when on heels.

Photos by Ian and JC, but mostly Ian (who noticed my awkward pose tendencies).

Let's do it again? Most definitely!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I should be studying but I'm on my blog. So, since it is the middle of midterm week, will hurry it up.

For this term I was asked to submit a scrapbook of my family and the people in my life. Here's a few favorite photos.

(these photos are from my dad)

There are so many other photos, of family, of people, of more friends, and of pets, but there is never enough space. I am thankful to whatever cosmic force that gave me all of this, for blessing me with all of this niceness in my life.

I end this with a final note:

Remember that you are to the world whatever it is you choose to show it. Never be afraid to be judged, when you know that all you do is in the right.

Good night, everyone. Cheers.