Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DIY: Gradient Nails in Stripes

 I have never been this obsessive with nail polish all my life. As mentioned in my previous polish blog (here), I have been polishing and re polishing my nails. 

I have been looking for a certain shade of red orange polish, but I could never find a cheap version of it. Exasperated, I decided to paint my nails pink and orange instead. Not bad I think, considering this was the result of desperate fury.

A new twist to the gradient trend, these are three very close colors done in clean (well, as clean as I can manage) stripes. I put the darkest pink polish on, and then the lightest orange polish at the tip of the nail. Last step would be painting on the middle stripe.

Still a little messy since I made the mistake of falling asleep after I finished painting them (eek!) but I like it. Thoughts?

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