Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jang Ga Nae: Authentic Korean Food in BF

It was last summer when I worked as a tutor to Korean students and unexpectedly grew a heart. I ended up falling in love with the kids, and most especially their cuisine.

I'm sure I don't know much about Korean food, but what I've tried, I loved. That one day last summer when our Korean boss, Mr. Kim, brought us to a Korean restaurant (then named Minato), I felt like that meal made the whole no-summer-but-instead-work thing worth it.

I have been coming back to that same restaurant with anyone and everyone I could convince. It has now been renamed Jang Ga Nae, and still serving very good food. Last Tuesday we were due a visit since I needed my Korean food fix.

As you can see, the place is very neat and tidy. I like the fact that they have these exhaust like pipes coming from the ceiling, you'll see what for later. Being in BF, I imagine that this was once a residential dwelling turned into a commercial spot. The place has many rooms that serve as dining areas/function rooms and being a fairly large group that night, they seated us in a room for ourselves. Loved the privacy.

What we had:

Jap Chae (noodles mixed with assorted vegetables) Php 250

Nejang Tang (spicy meat's intestine noodle soup with rice) Php 230
We usually order Al Tang (spicy fish egg soup Php 250) or Have Mul tang (spicy seafood soup Php 250) but we made a mistake and ordered this. It's of the same spicy broth, but I personally like the seafood versions better.

Sam Kyup Sal (Grilled pork belly strips) Php 230, this is two orders

Cha Dol (Thinly sliced sirloin beef) Php 350, again, this is two orders.

All of this included with the meat orders. I love that kimchi pancake!

More side dishes (that come with the pork and beef plates)

Waiting for the servers to grill our food (yes, they do it for you, and in front of you).

Almost done!

Finally eating. (Yeah, switched to wooden chopsticks, those metal ones are just too heavy)

Once before, on a quest to try exotic food, we stumbled into a  Korean Restaurant somewhere in BF. Everyone inside was Korean, which was a good sign, only no one could explain the menu to us. In Jang Ga Nae, the servers are Filipinas who know their Korean  menu. Such a big help for people like me who can never remember the names of these dishes.

I love Korean food so much that writing this just made me want some more.

Jang Ga Nae is located in BF, along Aguirre St. It's just across the street from Central.

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