Friday, January 10, 2014

On pedigree

Upseting to see how ignorant we can be about animals and how much we devalue dogs simply because of breed— standards of beauty set for these animals that even they are completely unaware about. 

There is no less love that an askal can give and no more love that a purebred dog is willing to give you. Sure, a dog’s pedigree may be responsible for certain traits but it does not define that animal, nor does it limit its capacity in any way. Every single dog has his or her own character and temperament which is, most of the time and more often than we know, attributable to the dog owner. Believing a silly notion that a dog, just because of breed, is better than their mixed breed counterpart is a sweeping generalisation. Believing that a dog is such because he is a certain breed is tantamount to believing something like Filipinos, just because they’re Filipinos, all are discriminatory idiots who assign value depending on pedigree. I’d like to think otherwise.