Monday, June 11, 2012

Gunslinging at the Commander Shooting Range

Hold the stance, hold the gun tightly, anxious and unsure. Aim and concentrate, wonder if you’ll hit the center of the target. Wonder if you’ll hit the target paper at all. Hope that you don’t shoot anybody. Hold your breath as you squeeze that trigger. A big bang. It all happens so fast. A hole on the target and the smell of gun powder in the room. Aim again, be more relaxed. Taste the gunpowder. Hold the gun confidently now. Pull the trigger. And again, and again.

Want more. Decide to hang the target paper in your room. Decide you want to be a sniper when you grow up. Shoot anyone who laughs at the dream.

Visited the Commander Shooting Center last Saturday. Read more on that here.


  1. You have a pulse for shooting sis. My father and brothers always go to shooting ranges. We have one near our place. But they won't let me go with them. Urgghhh...

  2. Cool! I'd love to try out a shooting range one time. Maybe when I get back to Manila in December. =)

  3. You guys should most definitely try it! I never thought I would, but I did and now I want to do it again!

  4. nice! did you try the M16 rifle?

  5. Who is the girl? She is gorgeous.


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