Thursday, June 14, 2012

DIY Tape Manicure: Simple diagonal

I've been seeing so much pretty nail art lately! My Pinterest is overflowing with nail art inspiration (oh so many pretty manicure photos!). I had to try one of them– so here you go, my DIY Tape manicure.

Decided to go for this design, it seemed classy, simple, and easy enough. Really cute, don't you think?

This is the final product. I have this tendency to pile on glitter polish to get more glitter on so I had to dry my nails overnight. (No problem, just slept with my hands a la Dracula. Haha!)

 First step is to paint your nails with the base polish.

Once they're dry, cover your nail with tape. Make sure the polish is really dry, the tape can ruin the polish if you make the mistake of putting them on too early. I also suggest using tape that doesn't stick too much, it makes everything easier. In this case the tape runs through the nail diagonally and covers half of the nail.

Apply the polish over your nail.

Remove the tape and voila! Wait until it dries and then apply a top coat to even out the polish.

What do you think? Will be trying out more complex designs using this method soon. Watch out for that. 

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