Friday, June 8, 2012

Red Pirates Bar, Boracay

Boracay is a very fun place– parties and events here and there, something you definitely have to experience when you visit.

There are, however, times when you just want to relax by the beach with only the sound of the wind and the waves in the background. The busy island life in the island's tourist center can be too much traffic for a vacationer craving peace and quiet.

On our last visit, I was introduced to Red Pirates, a small bar in the far side of Station 3. A perfect little spot to relax in.

In front of the bar and beside the beach, they have the prettiest garden/ lounge area.

Their bar, decorated with random knick knacks.

Everyone loves this place! We found this cat sitting at the bar, minding his own business and enjoying the ambience.

They apparently offer sailing tours, too. We saw their Red Pirates boat docked beside the bar one afternoon.

A perfect view of the beach with less traffic compared to stations 1 and 2.

You know when your at Pirates when you see this trademark artwork hanging by the beach, dancing to the wind.

Isn't this just perfect?

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