Saturday, June 16, 2012

When In Manila Meetup at the Scarlet Wine Lounge

When in Manila, our community is expanding! Vince of WIM arranged a get together for all the writers, would be writers, and friends of the website.

The event was held at Scarlet Wine Lounge, Fort Strip (beside Craft). The place has this cool, suave feel. I love the leather couch touch.

The food was great, too! Look at how I stacked my plate– they served sushi, thin crust pizzas, beef and shrimp dishes,  and those little skewered tapas which are actually quail eggs wrapped in bacon.

Of course, meet and greets entail meeting new people. This was where WIM GO comes in. WIMGO is a game that resembles human bingo. Criteria like "someone who can rap", "someone who has a weird pet" are listed on a piece of paper, you are tasked to find someone in the room who fits that certain description.

Like I said, the game forces you to meet new people.

At the end of the night prizes were given away, and some people showed us their mad skills in the process. 

The first photo shows someone downing a bottle of beer in 20 seconds. Jay of showing us his crazy dancing moves on the second, and Ida of Green Mango (yes, they made this cool video) rapping.

It was great to finally meet all these people I've known through the internet and their blogs. Too bad I wasn't able to take a lot of photos as I was first distracted by the WIMGO, and then by the food (curse my voracious appetite!). Here's a few I got Bri to take, though.

 With WIM's Ivica, also of

Me and Frankie, WIM writer and a fellow SOJ member who also blogs at

And of course, Vince of Mellow's The Wake Up Show and EIC of

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  1. I loved this event! :D We finally get to see the faces behind the posts, and I can see plenty of new friendships forming :D

  2. Great meeting you, too! I hope to see you soon! :)


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