Sunday, June 17, 2012

DIY Sponge Manicure: Gradient Two-tone Nails

Like I've previously posted, been going gaga over polish– again. Going crazy from inhaling the polish fumes, the price I pay for nail art.

I finally tried the gradient sponge manicure I've been seeing a lot online. A worthy first try, I think, but the colors remind me too much of marshmallow came icing (thus the recurring dreams about eating cake).

The procedure is fairly simple, you'll need two polish colors. I went for the new Caronia Tangerine, and a bottle of the cutest Chic pink polish.

Pour the a drop of polish, the size of a 25 centavo coin, onto a clean surface. In my attempt to minimize the mess I knew I was going to make, I used paper plates for this project. 

Use a toothpick to join the two colors into one big blob. Do not mix the two colors together.

Use an old make up sponge as a stamp. Dip the sponge into the polish and remove excess polish by stamping on to a piece of paper first. When you are satisfied with how the polish comes out on paper, start stamping your nail.

Cover with top coat and clean your fingers with acetone and you're done!

Well, done with your nails, but not with the mess you just made.

The final product! 

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  1. It did not work at seemed like I didn't have enough polish. What am I doing wrong.


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