Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Spiral Buffet at Sofitel: A feast perfect for any occasion

A magnificent sight! The chocolate fountains at Sofitel's Spiral buffet.
Spiral has always had the reputation of being a top rated restaurant. Last year, however, a storm that ravaged the country also took a toll on Sofitel's premiere restaurant which forced them to close down for renovation. After a few months, Spiral resumed operations, now being bigger and better and boasting of 21 dining 'Ateliers'.

I finally had the chance to dine at Spiral last week and it was a beautiful experience. Undoubtedly, Spiral is back with the same, if not better, world class operations. The food was wonderful and my only qualm was that there was not enough space to try all that their buffet offered.

Scenes from the buffet adventure and the new Spiral:

Sofitel and Spiral has also opened their doors to those celebrating the different occasions in the coming months. Read more on that HERE.

And now, the glorious food:

Beautiful duck! They also served Xiao Long Bao which was a definite plus since I've been craving for that dumpling.

French corner with clams and other shellfish. They even serve escargot!

The widely talked about Spiral Cheese room. I've never seen so much readily edible cheese and ham in one place!

They had bibingka, ice cream, crepe, to take care of all those random cravings.

Lobsters, crabs, and more shellfish. Heaven on ice.

And the very interesting salad bar where I picked up two of my favorites below.

I only picked these up because they were in really cute small plates, but was I ever glad I got them. The Pomelo salad and the Salmon tartare were two of my favorites from the meal.

An assortment of fruits for dessert.

And what decent buffet does not have candy?

More desserts, beautiful desserts! I did attempt to try most of them-- fabulous experience.

Here are just some of the things that ended on my plate and then eventually my tummy: 

Cranberry shake and watermelon juice. Just because we wanted something different.

And now, my attempt at eating everything from the dessert area. 

So yes. Spiral was, and still is, a beautiful dining experience. I have resolved to return with a bigger appetite!

CLICK HERE for more photos.


  1. Wow! What can I say? This post really made me hungrrrryy!

    XX, IamJenniya

  2. I got extra excited to eat in Spiral because of this post! HAHAHA

  3. ginutom nman ako are really enticing! must go for valentines!! ahah

  4. Lots of gooood stuff there!I haven't been to Sofitel. How's the price? :)

    xx Daphne of

    1. Not quite sure but I think it's at 2 or 3 k. :)

  5. Is 2 or 3k per person? Ms. Isabel do i have to make a reservation or can i just walk in?


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