Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Club Millesime Room at Sofitel

In Sofitel, my favorite spot in the room. This was where I took that mini-break I talked about last time.

As I mentioned previously in a blog post, I took a short break from all responsibilities a few days back. An overnight stay at a beautiful hotel will do wonders for a weary soul. Especially when you wake up to a view like this:

And gorge on wonderful treats like this:

How can you not relax in a room like this?

Our stay at Sofitel's Club Millesime room was a wonderful experience and courtesy of WIM/Sofitel. Read a more detailed account on our experience here: Sofitel on WIM

 CLICK HERE for more photos from our stay.

And speaking of breaks,  I just came home from the beach today and finally had that vacation I was pining for. Will update you all on that soon. 


  1. Replies
    1. it was indeed. Thanks for visiting, Jenniya! :)

  2. you travel a lot..ganda ng place very relaxing...

    1. Not that much, I just try to grab every opportunity I can. And yes, it was a very relaxing place. Thanks for visiting, Andrew. :)

  3. Relaxing, indeed. ☺ How much did you pay for this room? :)


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