Friday, March 1, 2013

My Beach Look

I just got home from the most relaxing 3-day vacation ever.

Finally, time for our anticipated vacation came. A wonderful stay at Puerto Galera with good friends. Though I've visited Galera once before, I didn't really enjoy as we chanced upon the crowded, noisy peak season crowd. This time around we picked a date when the island didn't expect much people. Beautiful.

This was our first day at the island and the beautiful stretch of white sand on the beach. We took time to laze around, hiding from the hot sun under the shade while the summer breeze blew.

On the second day, we took time to take more photos and even a few outfit shots.

Denim shorts, if you've noticed, is my default summer wear. 

DIY cut out shirt & DIY cut out shorts; Jelly Nelly Sandals

Photos by Bri.

I love how the salt water and the sea breeze gives my hair texture. The curls in these photos was a product of a simple bun, the curls keep better because of the texture. Beautiful beach hair! (Marimar ang peg)

Remember this DIY shirt project?

Wonderful, wonderful break. I have a ton of other photos and I will be posting more of them soon. 


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