Sunday, March 3, 2013

2nd Beach Look, Puerto Galera

Our last morning in Galera.

We were allowed the morning on the beach that last day we stayed in Galera. We spent every last minute taking in the beach and the sun. 

I was told to pack light for this trip and it helped that I had such tiny clothes. Took with me the basics (like my Jelly Nellies and denim shorts) and a bunch of these cut out tops that were perfect for the beach. Voila, done packing!

Though I must admit that I still have trouble picking which bikini to wear, I must've brought 5 pairs for a 3 day 2 night trip. Hohoho!

Bikini from SM; Jelly Nelly Sandals, DIY cut out shirts;
 earrings form one of the stores by the beach in Puerto Galera

Photos by Jani Diaz

Nothing more to say except I miss the beach already!

Hello, summer. I've been waiting for you!


  1. WOOOW! Sexy look! And I love your earrings! <3

    1. Thanks! I got them on the beach for like PHP 50! Such a great deal! Thanks for visiting! :)


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