Sunday, March 31, 2013

Because honestly, I'm such an awkward dresser

Because I honestly look awkward a whole lot-- and well, I was playing around with newly downloaded apps.

I like jeans and t-shirts. In fact, I lived in them before this little blogging project materialised. What drove me away from my love of comfy clothes and into this whole sartorial mess? Easy, I like looking nice. Ha.

But, see, it's not always easy. Clothes just don't look effortlessly great on me. One too many times I've bawled inside a dressing room because a certain style looks crappy on me-- usually this happens after trying them on a gazillion times hoping against hope, but finally realizing that my love for that certain style will remain unrequieted.

On most days I try to look better than my normal I-just-crawled-out-of-bed look and I'm starting to like the end results of this new fashion conscious persona. Still, I have those days which I believe call for a good old shirt and denim cut offs. 

Some days, I feel caught in between. And then I end up in a loud hot pink corset and jeans.

 DIY rosary necklace; Primadonna shoes; Bench pants; Sam's Station corset; F21 shades

Photos by Jani.

Be warned that I went crazy on an online shop and I've just received a major shopping haul from Sam's Station which would explain if the posts following this would be filled with their products. That and I just downloaded a bunch of apps on my phone (thus the kaleidoscope photos) which include Candy Crush so if you're my FB friend, anticipate requests.


  1. not just you isabel..ako din happens on me many times,.hirap mag decide that why im always late sa work! ahahah

    1. Good to know I'm not alone! thanks for visiting, Andrew! :)


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