Saturday, March 9, 2013

Off to the Weekend Market!

Easy outfit for a morning spent at the weekend market.

My mother is a great fan of weekend markets. More than malls, or shopping, she delights in each and every fair we visit. This is the main reason why throughout my childhood, I've been to one too many of these that I've also grown to love going to them. Amid the heat and the chaos, there's just so much to see and try. 

Always, a favorite would be the food section. So much food, glorious food!

In this particular trip, I came home with a bag of seeweed, lato as we call it. Tossed with vinegar, tomatoes, and onions, it makes for a great salad. I do not have photos because, as usual, I remembered to take them only after I finished eating everything.

Hee. Until next time, busy with my new job (and yes, I am enjoying very, very much).


  1. OMG! Is that pinangat??? I suddenly missed my hometown, Bicol. I love weekend markets as well! So many things to see (and eat) :P

    xx Daphne of

    1. I didn't try it but I think it is. My father is from Bicol, too. Beautiful place! :)


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