Saturday, March 30, 2013

Wooden Spoon Katipunan

Like I mentioned earlier, I've been falling in love with small, hole-in-the-wall restaurants from up north lately and Wooden Spoon is one of those restaurants.

Located along Katipunan, Chef Sandy Daza's Wooden Spoon can get a little hard to spot because of so many other establishments in the area. It is well worth finding this place though as it is a gem hidden in plain sight. Wooden Spoon also offers a fusion of Asian flavors including Filipino food served with a different flair.

 Wooden Spoon looks quite small from the outside but they actually have a spacious second floor that can accommodate more diners. 

Wansoy Shrimp Balls (PHP 135) - My favorite from the whole meal. This is served with sweet chilli sauce and wansoy sauce, the latter was perfect for these delectable dumplings!

Shrimp Pampango (PHP 225) - That beautiful orange sauce is Wooden Spoon's taba ng talangka sauce. Tasty, but I was a little disappointed as I expected a richer, less diluted sauce.

Squid with Chili and Mushroom (PHP 225) - Tasty, oriental flavor.

Dinakdakan (PHP 185) - This Ilocano dish reminds me of sisig for some reason. One of the restaurat's specialty, a definite must try but not one of my favorites.

Tortang Talong (PHP 115) - I actually ordered this dish by accident (yeah, that happens to me) but good thing because my father absolutely loved this. 

Sitaw sa Gata (PHP 110) - Because sitaw and gata is always good in my book.

Crab Pancit (PHP 135) - A curious choice, of course. The Crab pancit is very tasty. I love the texture, and I'm sure you can't get this dish anywhere else.

And there goes our wonderful meal. I do apologize for the photo quality as I've been a lazy, lazy  blogger  and I've been insisting on using my new iPhone camera (because omg it's so convenient!!!). I tell you now, the photos do not do justice to the food that we had. 

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