Saturday, March 30, 2013

Of a Dream

Trapped in this vast, void darkness,
I walk with arms bound and eyes wide open,
although I do not see a thing. 
I do not stop. 
Feeling and groping as I went,
never pausing, 
not noticing there were even others. 
in my own unparalleled mind, 
I was, 
and always will be, 
I feel my heart, 
thank God it still beats.
I now have the need to be assured I still live. 
I walk. 
I run. 
But eternity streches far beyond where I can reach. 
I see a light, 
but it is not for me. 
I am failing. 
I have started to fall. 

I wake up at the foot of my bed, 
with a short lived moment of relief as I realize; 
Dearest, I have just witnessed a dream of my emotions. 

(Written by yours truly,  January 10, 2005. Still one of my favorites.)

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