Monday, March 11, 2013

New hair and gray themes

Got new hair! 

I should've expected that I'd get tired of my semi-blonde ombre this quickly. Finally (well this happened last week), I had my hair coloured. Had everything colored an odd shade of brown/purple and voila, a safer, less conspicuous ombre. 

Going to the salon means having my hair blow died. Hello to long, sleek hair-- well, at least for a day.

I used to have my hair straightened until I figured that I could not stand another 5 hour session in the salon. Yes, I get very bored sitting on that parlor chair.

If that's any indication, and if you haven't already noticed, I am very lazy when it comes to hair. I have a friend who blow dries here hair every morning, and I know that some people really do that, but I do not think I have the patience to do it for myself.

That one day my hair was straight. Off to my brother's AMP recital.

Normal day hair without blow drying. Off to a normal day in school.

Which hair style do you like better? Let me know! 


  1. the bolder, the better.:)

    1. Agree. Thanks for dropping by, Sef!

  2. loving your hair!! what color is it and where did you have it dyed? :)

    1. Cosmopolitan at Dapitan. The color is a brownish purple shade, I forget the name. :)

  3. I love your new do! :) Looks Refreshing :0


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