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  1. Hi! I'm Angie. I've read your blog about The Commander Shooting Range in When in Manila. I wonder around how much have you spent and what are the inclusive. Sorry if I asked such question. I'm just really excited about this one. I've seen their brochure. However, I would want to know the particulars and price range.

    Thanks! ;)

    1. Hi Anj! Here is their Facebook page, they'd be better able to advise you: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Commander-Shooting-Range/313551155327597

      Have fun shooting! :)

  2. Hello! I was looking for Urbanears Tanto when I saw your picture, thus leading me to your page. (We really can't tell how far 'internet vastness' can go, right?) Point is, I just want to say I enjoy reading--well, honestly skimming--the contents in your account. I adore your light and easy style of writing. I know we haven't met yet.. but through your blog I liked you as a person.

    So what more in personal, aye?

    Stay pretty, Isabel. You just made me your little fan girl! (italicize these last words)

    - Madj x


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