Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fake Nails and No Chip UV Polish

A while back I was able to try the Jennifer Lynn No Chip UV polish. (more on that here)

This was pretty cool since my nails have a tendency to chip and I could never grow them. With the gel polish, not only did it protect my nails from chipping, but the colors were so bright and the polish was so shiny!

This got me thinking about long nails, though. The next best thing to my short nails? Fake nails! 
I managed to find a box of fake nails from SM Watsons for PHP 64. I made a mistake upon application and unfortunately, these nails did not fare well through my busy day. They either fell off one by one or I ripped them off out of frustration.

Finally tried again with an old pack of fake nails a friend gave me eons ago. Used nail glue from SM (PHP 18, I really can't believe it's that cheap). This time, the nails are sticking on.

I take forever as I write this blog post. This is probably the first time in my life (not counting last week's failed attempt at sporting fake nails) that I have (fake) long nails. With these babies, even the simplest tasks, like opening a zipper or texting, become impossible. But, it's so pretty, I can't help it.

Let's see how long I keep them on this time.

Okayyy, so I ripped tim out last night. No more long nails for me.


  1. About a day. Seems like long nails aren't for me. Hehe!

  2. Are there fake nails in Watsons Sm Muntinlupa?


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