Friday, March 29, 2013

DIY Manicure: Galaxy Ombre Nails

My galaxy ombre nails, a new favorite mani! (Shown here with an Instagram filter)

Yesterday, I had to pass by a drugstore to buy something for the house. As fate would have it, I spotted  two bottles of nails polish in colors I absolutely loved-- yes, I get distracted by bright, sparkly colors so easily sometimes it's funny. So I set off to buy a bottle of liquid sosa and I come home with two bottles of nail polish that I was very excited to try.

Chic "Grainy" polish in amethyst and Montana. I said I'd take a break from polish but just look at how cute these are!

Anyway, I tried on one color but it was too plain for my taste so I decided to put both on. At first, I had a galaxy manicure in mind but after a few failed attempts I decided on an ombre manicure. 

The blue polish (Montana) goes on first with 2 coats and then the purple (Amethyst) goes on the tips. I love ombre nail because you really don't have to be too careful when applying the polish, the messier it gets, the more character the manicure gets.

These polish are labeled as grainy and as you can see in the previous photo, it tends to look a little rough. I didn't like that unpolished look so I decided to add a clear nail polish as top coat. That added a beautiful shiny effect.

I just love this manicure. One of my favorite styles ever, and one of the easiest to do. I swear I cannot stop looking at my nails. Choo does not care, though:

Oh, Choo!

How do you like this manicure? Any suggestions? Let me know through comments!

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