Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Hello from a land far away and distant from all the work and responsibilities!

Okkkay, I was kidding. I am actually home now reeling from a 6 hour nap earlier this afternoon. Just tying up a few loose ends (and when I say loose ends I mean my remaining subjects) and off I am into the world of graduate bliss. These photos were taken last week when I had myself a mini break in one of the nice hotels in Manila  (will blog about this great experience soon, too!).

It was during this overnight faux-cation, in the course of which I attempted to drown myself in a vast number of praline chocolate balls and copious amounts of cheese and ham, that I realized that the best way to get over having to do work is to actually do the work. And no, eating yourself into oblivion, trying to devour half of the hotel spread can only make you happy up to a certain extent-- when you've finally stopped, bloated and regretful, you'll realize that the work is still there, unfinished.

So this is me, thinking of all the deadlines. Haha!

Theme Blazer; top borrowed from my mom; Celine sandals

Shots from my dear mother. That's her and me in the next photo.

Now that my load is a little lighter, am getting up to speed with my blogging duties. So many things are about to happen and I am so excited! Will tell you more as soon as they materialise.



  1. such a very relaxing and calming place isabel!!

    1. It is indeed! Will write more on it later. :)


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