Friday, February 22, 2013

The corporate ensemble and doing not so corporate-y things

Don't I look all proper and dapper? A different look channeling a more responsible outfit.

A fresh face often signifies the crazy stressful endeavour I had just gone through, in this case our thesis defense. Of course, to defend the 50 plus pages of probable bull crap and monstrosity you spent so many sleepless nights on, a responsible outfit ensemble is in order.

After months of toil, it came down to how you explain, in your own words, everything you just studied, researched, and wrote down on your paper, each careful word after each careful word. In the end, our monstrosity wasn't such a monstrosity after all and we came out with only minor revisions. Wooop!-- I just did a little summersault in celebration.

So yes, our defense went relatively smoothly and all the work paid off. I tell you now, a paranoid academic achiever, an opinionated loud mouth, with  a shy, quiet  pacifist in between make for an amusing team and some long nights of bickering. Guess which one I am in the group.

Kisses & Co. skirt; Charles and Keith pumps; Bedazzle necklace; supermarket polo

Photos by Jani Diaz

In other news, I just found out I passed the UP LAE and I'm still reeling from this great news. So many thanks to those who shared their congratulations. And yes, I did a mini freak out complete with tears when I found out. (I still also check the list every now and then to make sure I'm still on. Haha!)

You just might be seeing more of me in this look, then.


  1. you look fresh as always. Love your skirt :)

    1. Thanks, Maria! It's such a steal, if i remember correctly I got it on sale. :)

  2. hope your defense goes well! an nice outfit + confidence surely helps isabel! thesis is such a brain busting pero kung libre food ayos lang ahhaha

    1. Thanks, Andrew! We passed with minor revisions. Hihihi :)

  3. loving this look. lakas talaga maka-anne curtis ng smile mo ah.:p


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