Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kitchen at Greenbelt

It was last week when we found ourselves in Greenbelt looking for a place to eat. Me and my friends, JC and Ian, were off to an art event later on in the night, but we wanted to catch dinner first.

We ended up in Kitchen, (spelled with a backwards K, just because) which was a perfect setting for the grown up dinner we had imagined.

The place had this modern yet comfy feel. The dim interiors and the clean lines added a touch of simple sophistication. Details like bare brick walls and exposed pipes were part of the whole look of the place. As one of my friends put it: reminiscent of a NY loft.

 We took a long time ordering, we just couldn't choose! I love how imaginative the names of the dishes are. We also saw the cool glass door that leads to the bathroom. You could see the bookshelf of the other restaurant through it.

Here's what we finally ordered:

Spinach salad (I forget the exact name)  Very good, the peanut brittle was a very good touch
On Barbie's Cue (meat and seafood kebab). According to Ian, this is what he always orders here.
The pasta JC had. This has mozzarella, kesong puti, and keso de bola in it. Goooood.

It's So Good It's So True. Yes, I kid you not, that is this dish's name. Salmon with tagalog beefsteak sauce.
The drinks: Ian's panda drink (green), JC's gulaman like drink, and my grape shake.

It was a nice place with it's cute little quirks like their very big plates and utensils and the use of salt as decoration. When we asked the waiter about said salt, he told us, "Ah, concept lang po yan", and then gave us a quick smile.

Very nice place, good ambience. Perfect for intimate meals and grown up dinner dates. 

KitchenGreenbelt 3

G/F Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 757-4565 to 66

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  1. I love this place. Very memorable for me too since the ex-bf (now hubby) and I used to dine here a lot. =)


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