Thursday, April 11, 2013

Peplums, Bows, and Aztec Prints

I know I've said it at least once here on the blog that I wouldn't be caught in peplum but I just couldn't resist this pretty bow.

This look may very well be part of the "I am a lady" series. Honestly, I didn't think I could pull off a look with this 'responsible/classy' feel without feeling uncomfortable but fashion surprises me yet again. I was skipping and hopping around the mall as free and comfy as can be.

Top and Skirt from Sam's Station; Eye necklace from Bedazzle; Sandals from Grendha; Roxy Bag

Photos from Jayce's fish eye iPhone lens.

I've been pretty busy with work lately so expect a lot of late look posts. When I say work, it is synonymous to adventure as I've been traipsing around the far side of the metro. 

Armed with only my iPhone, I get caught in the most bungled adventures (and by bungled adventures I mean my mishap with the car dying on me while in Ortigas yesterday). And though I earlier said that fashion never ceases to amaze me, I am still glad for my sloppy/lazy days. Imagine what awkward hell I would've gone through if I wore this teeny skirt the day the car decided to semi-temporarily die on me in the middle of that street. Good thing I was in pants and sneakers-- was what I thought when we were pushing the car into a parking space (okay, I exaggerate,  asked a few Kuya guards to help me push the car but it could still happen!)

More later, I promise!


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