Saturday, April 20, 2013

A dimsum dinner at Choi Palace, Eastwood

A few weeks ago, we found ourselves parked at Choi Palace, Eastwood for a quick dimsum dinner.

Okay, admittedly this restaurant visit happened a while back but I am posting this now because I just woke up and it's past lunch-- I want me some dimsum!

Anyway, Choi Palace is a fine dining Chinese restaurant in Eastwood, yes the type with those round tables, cloth napkins, and aquariums for fresh seafood. There are, however, a few informal booths in the place and this was where we chose to sit when we visited, hungry for dimsum.

(Yes, that's a lobster there)

Here's what we had. For starters:

Fish Maw with Corn Soup (PHP 350), this was really good, I believe I finished 4 bowls of this. One order for 3 people is more than enough, we each ended up having more than one bowl. Chinese soup in general doesn't have strong flavour because they are designed to leave you wanting more the food that's about to come. 

Seaweed with Century Egg (PHP 350), my Chinese restaurant staple. Can't have Chinese without this!

Hakaw (PHP 110) It is very rare that you find Hakaw with a generous amount of shrimp, but this was an exception-- there were at least three very fresh pieces in a dumpling.

Sioa Long Pao (PHP 120) Just because I have just discovered this dumpling, I keep on ordering it in every restaurant I could find it in!

Sharks Fin Siomai (PHP 100)

Fried Beancurd Roll (PHP 100) Very good, too.

Chicken Feet with Tausi (PHP 95)

White Chicken with Mushrooms (PHP 110) This I was not a very great fan of. I find it too bland for my taste.

Spareribs (PHP 100)

Ah dimsum, how can you go wrong? All in all, it was a very filling meal and Choi Palace did not disappoint.

I'm keeping this short and sweet as I am off to find me something to eat. Later!


  1. YUMMY!! sarap tlaga kumain hahah!! diet ano un? if you'll eat this kind of food forget about it!

  2. I really should try dining at dimsum places more often. Everything looks great! =)


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