Monday, November 7, 2011

3: Lovely, we grew apart.

It's water around you, surrounding you. Calm, serene and silent, floating along as peacefully as can ever be.
It is always after a storm when the waters begin to move. Raging and tearing and clawing, destroying what stood once before, strong and majestic-- but now no more.

Lovely, you were so lovely to my eyes. Perfect and shiny, I would never tire of you. I would build and grow and learn with you. I would construct my world with you. We were perfect, and you were everything  I ever wanted.

Lovely, what happened? They say everything falls apart, but didn't we take care of that? Aren't these walls, the ones we made our palace of, are they not fortified to withstand the waves that come crashing in from the tides of change? Didn't we take care of that? Didn't you promise they would never break?

Lovely, these walls, are walls no longer. They keep no one out but me. All that's left are ruins. Ruins from the world we built together, debris from the friendship we once had.

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