Monday, November 28, 2011

Roxy Femme Fling and Energy Drinks

My Saturday was spent in Nuvali for Roxy's Femme Fling.  I had the good fortune of going as WhenInManila's representative. 

Oh the fun that was had! This included manicures, a make up tutorial, a fashion challenge, and a shopping spree of 10k per  attendee. All those bikiniiiiiiiis (and the boy already thinks I have too many bikinis).

Read more about the event here: Roxy's Femme Fling: A Nuvali Adventure

On the 'Playa Del Sol' shoot with bloggers Shen and Lissa

Trish, today's photographer, without the Rockstar energy drink. Too bad I don't have an after photo.

Upon getting there.

Meeting lovely new people.  Nikki of Stylebible and Laira who helped organize the event.

Nikki, Laira, Shen of, Cecille who also helped with the event, and hyped up me with Rockstar in hand.

Laira and Roxy of Roxy. Cool no?

More Rockstar!

My manicured hand out of the frame

Our group's final photo for the style challenge.

Grabbed this from Shen's blog. Fave photo from the event. ;)


  1. This looks fun! Quicksilver needs to do something for the guys now!

  2. Haha! Yeah! It was so cool. The organizers told me they also usually hold sports events/marathons in Nuvali.


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