Monday, November 21, 2011

Soderno at Molito, Food Market

Checked out Soderno on it's first weekend open.

 Of course I ended up with these! The isaws were ginormous! I couldn't not try them!

The birthday boy with his burger. 

We left with the realization that we do not like crowds. The bazaar was packed to capacity! Will have to come back and check out their fashion markets, though.

Cooling off inside the mall.


  1. Isa, try out my cousin's food over there. It's called Tong Baracas :)

  2. Coolio! What do they serve? Will check it out next time ;)

  3. thank you monique! hi isabel we serve chicken taouk mid eatern food and back ribs. please try our food! thank you!! hope to see you soon!

  4. Hi Irish! What's the name of your place? Will try to pass by when i can :)


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