Wednesday, November 30, 2011

St. James Bazaar at Cuenca Park

Finally got the chance to visit this year's Cuenca bazaar. There were so many pretty things, although they aren't as cheap anymore. Today was the last day and the place was packed! I did manage to take a few photos in that big mosh pit that was the bazaar. 

Tip: Because there were so many people, it was very hard to go around and go back for things. When we saw something we liked but wasn't sure about getting it, we'd get the store's card/contact. These stores usually sell online too. That way, we know where to reach them when we decide we wanna get something.

Cutest notepads ever from Quiddity
Pretty bags and necklaces.
Bling and things.

We survived this traffic!


  1. This is nice. I miss going to Cuenca for the bazaar. I miss the beautiful church beside it. Is there public transpo to Cuenca from AAV gate?

  2. I think I saw a free shuttle jeep earlier. Very convenient, it's just the traffic is so bad. Too many people. Haha! ;)


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