Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Food de Sentosa: Authentic Singaporean Cuisine

Bri found the most amazing Singaporean restaurant along Vito Cruz. We checked it out this weekend. Say hello to the newest Laksa convert! (it's so goooooood)  Here's what we had.
Tom Meow, Hainanese Chicken Rice, and Seafood Laksa.

Prices aren't bad, too. They also have budget meals.
Imagine my delight when I realized just a few minutes ago that there's a BF branch! 

This place is definitely a must try. Be adventurous, people!

Food de Sentosa
Authentic Singaporean Cuisine

Unit B/2 488 P. Ocampo Sr. St, Malate, Manila
(This is just past Harrison, across the street. Between Chow King and BPI)
+632 254 6800

298 Aguirre Ave. BF Hones, Parañaque
+632 826 0105

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  1. Glad they've improved now. We had a really bad experience there. http://www.crumpylicious.com/2011/08/dinner-at-food-de-sentosa-at-pablo.html


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