Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cafe Adriatico at MOA

I was at MOA earlier for a writing assignment. Again, I thank the Manila traffic for arriving late. A quick dinner was in order (it was almost 7, and my appointment got pushed back).

We ended up eating in Cafe Adriatico which turns out to be the LJC Group's flagship restaurant. Abe's, Lorenzo's Way and Fely J's are just a few of the restaurants from the group. I always find it a pleasant surprise when I walk into one of their many restos-- means they have Gising gising. I adoreeeee Gising gising.

Of course that was the first thing we ordered, along with other things:

Mao's Chicken Salad (PHP 235) This looked a lot better when they served it to us, but, as I always do, I took a bite before I remembered to take a photo. This had hoisin sauce and peanuts, very interesting.

Salpicao Rice (PHP 390) The meat was very tender. Good job! I hate it when they serve salpicao made out of leather.

Lola Ising's Adobo (PHP 435) This has been the best adobo dish I've tasted so far. Meat was also very tender. I love how it has that perfectly cooked pork slice on top of the adobo rice. Nothing wrong with the rice but I liked the meat better with plain rice, I thought it was more bagay. I'm weird like that. (Did I just say more bagay? I do apologize for that.)

Chocolate Decadence (PHP 175) This cake was good. I love chocolate cakeeeee. ;)

Contact them through here: LJC's Cafe Adriatico

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