Monday, May 20, 2013

Girl Stuff: Magnetic and washable nail polish in pretty colors

A few weeks back I received I package I was particularly excited to get. 

 What was inside the box? Bottles and bottles of Girl Stuff nail polish! If you guys have not already noticed, I LOVE nail polish! So, when I heard that Girl Stuff was sending over a few bottles, I was delighted.

One downside of nail polish that I've yet to find a solution to would be how the polish usually damages the nails. I have very brittle nails and it only takes a coat of polish for my nails to start chipping and peeling. Girl Stuff promises to be free from these harmful polish materials (formaldehyde, toluene & do-butyl phthalate free) and since I can't stop painting my nails, I just resolved to go for this type of polish instead. 

Now, what's in the box: 

Pinky, Dare and Blues. Pinky and Blues are regular colors. 
Magnetic Polish in Ice Queen, Pixie and Vixen
Aaaannnnd washable nail polish! Will blog about how these work soon!

Now, I haven't had time to actually try on all the colours but my two favourites in the meantime are as follow-- Pinky and Dare.

This polish is extremely easy to manoeuvre and the drying time is relatively fast!

Also, my sister couldn't wrap her brain around the magnetic polish so she decided to give them a shot. This  was the end result: 

Will be posting more tutorials and swatches soon!


  1. finally! i love the pinky! i can't wait to see the swatches of the other colors.

  2. tagal mo na di nagppost, sisa. busy ka sa lawschool noh?


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