Monday, August 22, 2011

The weekend that was

So many things happened last week. We had the Mellow Listeners Party, Razorback gig, but most especially, I passed my Algebra class! Yay for me!
S&M Party was something. Mellow DJ’s were there, with DJ Chris and DJ Chloe attempting to pole dance at some point. Lingerie show and also pole dancers, epic!
The party was held at Amber which is a pretty cool place. It’s composed of two levels, the upstairs or the VIP, which served as a dressing room for the models and the downstairs common party area. People from Amber are so friendly! Here’s a photo of ate and me.
Saturday, I was at San Mig for Razorback. I still do not understand how they can play for that long, set was almost two hours— I mean I Guitar Hero for 15 mins on the drums and I ‘m exhausted! Here’s a photo of Bri, because, yes, he’s my favorite. B)
Also, we found out this weekend that my sister passed her board exam, she managed to do all this without crying (inside joke). Harharhar. It seems that 99.75 (?) % of UST’s exam takers passed. Wow, Congratulations, guys!
By the way, check out the blog I wrote for When In Manila:


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