Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I miss my old inebriated ways

Pros:                                                                 Cons:

I could do whatever I wanted                         What I always wanted was never good for me
Drank like a fish                                           Fish don't drink alcohol
Those nights turned into adventures               So many bruises/battle scars, no clue how I got them
Oh god, all the alcohol!                                 All the alcohol...
Everything was fun                                       It really wasn't, just thought it was
Freeeeedoooooooooommm!                          Too much freedom
Mandated my own vacations                         Vacation was all there was
The joy of walking outside at 3am                 You realize walking outside wasn't such a great idea
Silliness and debauchery                              Stupidity and more stupidity
No memories                                               Questions the morning after

T'was good while it lasted.

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