Monday, September 26, 2011

Silly Goose

Moving forward is not just a motion. It requires action, decision, and effort. One cannot simply float around and hitch a ride on the current and end up exactly where he wants to be.

Being younger, I always thought that "growing up" would just happen. No effort was made to become a certain, proper person. I had the false notion that to get there, all I needed was time. As if I'd just wake up one day and maturity would have creeped up on me in my sleep. It never happened, I woke up day in, day out still as silly as ever.

And now an effort is being made. And now there is a realization that it will never come unless I work on it.
And now, I take a step into the direction I have decided to pursue, even when the tireless current throws me back.

I don't want to wake up a silly goose forever.

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