Sunday, June 29, 2014

Make Up Store: Marble Eyeshadow (Rosso Asiago) & Cover All Mix (dark)

A few weeks back, was invited to the Make Up Store, Podium so we could learn about their brand and their products. I went with another WIM writer, Mimai, and together, we navigated our way through the trove of make up we found ourselves in. For someone who isn't into make up much (I find the whole application process taxing, usually), I had a lot of fun trying out their private course and learning about application

As I mentioned in my previous post, the private course is a tutorial where the lovely staff, who are professional make up artists, teach you beauty basics and how to properly apply make up. What I love about that it is how personal this one-on-one lecture is, everything caters to your unique facial features. You get to take home your favourite products from the tutorial (3K worth). Here are my picks (of course based on the staff's advice, honestly I could't decide on what I wanted):

Cover All Mix; Dark

Traditionally, the three different tones serve different purposes. Yellow to neutralise red, orange to neutralise blue and beige to lighten up both.

Of course, I was told that good concealer is the foundation of good make up. Honestly, I have always had a problem with finding the proper shade; it doesn't help that I'm acidic and some make up tend to react when applied to on my skin after a while casting a greyish hue. I found a match with this concealer pot, however. I am told that lightest hue is perfect for my skin tone. 

SWATCHES: As you can see, even without blending, the rightmost swatch almost disappears into my arm.

See the difference? Right eye has only BB cream applied hours before and left with the Make up Store's concealer.

Marble Eyeshadow; Rosso Asiago

This eyeshadow pot is perfect for people on the go. This one pot can give you 5 different eyeshadow shades. I especially love how subtle and soft the colours are. It's perfect for that 'barely there' look and it can also work for that 'day to night' look. 

Swatches for all the possible shades in the eyeshadow pot. The last colour at the rightmost is the combination of all colours. That colour, second to the right, is a favourite-- it works well with my skin tone for highlighting unlike the usual white shadows that seem to contrast my morena skin tone too much. Lei from the Make Up Store explains: that's because it's not realy white, it's more the colour of 'bone'.

Here's a look at what that make up pot can do. This was during the private course, they did my right eye, I did my left. 

So yes, I did enjoy my trip to the Make Up Store. They teach you so many things when you visit and you ending us bringing home not just quality make up. 

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