Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Vikings Independence Day Feast

On June 12, the country celebrates Independence day. Of course, what comes with a holiday in the Filipino context would be a whole lot of feasting. 

Choco Pili Tart; Vikings Buffet SM Megamall
Vikings Buffet, a name that has fastly become familiar to the Filipino foodie, invited me and a few blogger friends to sample their Independence day menu. Feast your eyes on this spread.

During the last year, Vikings has become synonymous with buffet. With selections that claim to rival hotel buffets but at a more reasonable price, they've made (big) waves in the local food scene. I personally have not gone to their buffet (before this visit, that is) but I have heard good things. 

What surprised me about this restaurant was that contrary to what I initially assumed, Vikings Buffet is a local enterprise. This coming June 12th, they've decided to highlight that aspect to celebrate the national holiday. Each dish in the menu they had us try had homegrown elements incorporated in it. Now, without further adieu, the spread at Vikings, SM Megamall:

Kuhol Cassoulet in Vol Au Vent by Chef Bendo
For the less adventurous, this may seem like a lot but this is most definitely one of my favourites in the series. I have always been fond of the local 'ginataang kuhol dish' and this, with a french twist, is no exception. Beautiful contrast between the texture of the snail and that puff pastry at the bottom.

Lumpiang Ubod by Chef Mike 
Another Filipino staple.

Pumpkin Soup
I apologise for forgetting which Chef came up with this selection. It's a shame because this also was one of my favourites. 

Sisig Pizza by Chef Allan
 Whoever said sisig could not be reinvented? This dish reminded me of CWC's Laing pizza (if you have not tried this, rush to CamSur now and have it!) but while that version had laing sparingly drizzled on the pizza crust with the cheese and other toppings, this was more direct with it's sisig toppings. Someone from our group found this a little too soggy for her taste, but I found that the soft texture worked well with the soft dough. 

Ginataang Pagi by Chef Anthony

Pinangat by Chef Anthony
I always like pinangat wherever I have it. Haha!

Bicol Express by Chef Rey
The bicol express was not as spicy as I would've liked it to be but then again, I find that I have an above average tolerance for spicy food.

Callos ManileƱa by Chef Ian
 I was quite surprised that it was part of the line-up as this is a well known Spanish dish, but then again, native favourites aren't always what you'd expect. It turns out that this dish was always prepared at the Chef's home growing up. And, well, I'm definitely not complaining that it's part of the course.

Guinumis by Chef Mike
People find it weird, but I do not like Halo-halo and well, this is definitely similar to Halo-halo. Quite refreshing though.

Sayongsong by Chef Adam
A rice based dessert topped with caramel.

Choco Pili Tart by Chef Paolo & Buchi con Yema by Chef Jogat
 The coco pili tart (left and also in the very first photo) which was my meal's highlight. That's a chocolate cup, if you didn't notice, A CHOCOLATE CUP. Yes, I did completely lose it when I realised it was actually that. The Buchi (right) was also very interesting. Not as sweet as one would've imagined though. 

 All in all, that was a good meal-- by the time we ended we had been eating for hours. What better way to celebrate Independence Day than with a homegrown feast from our local buffet restaurant? If you're still not convinced, they still would have their usual Vikings spread so there is definitely no downside. 


  1. kakagutom ang photos! good thing we will be having a Viking feast this weekend for a friends birthday. ;)

  2. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.


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