Monday, October 24, 2011

I can read them alone.

I wish I understood how you hear your music or what comfort these songs bring you on days you wish not to speak, when silence and these tracks become your best friend.

But no, I hear words and you hear the melodies.

I wish I understood the significance of the Cold War and the long, long history of the Philippines, but prose I've always chosen to read are those riddled with dreams and fantasy. Never these fact riddled stories, they were meaningless to me.

I wish these guitar riffs and songs and bands like AC/DC are things I understand, but you know how hard it was to force me to shut up and listen to Pink Floyd just so I can actually hear it.

It's the little things you love that I never understand.

I wish I see all these things with your eyes, I wish I could share these things with you.

But you also don't share my love for National bookstore, or quirky little coffee shops.
And long dramatic declarations charged with over the top emotion never was the type in your reading list.
Indie/Romantic flicks would be the last thing you'd chuck in your player.

We are different, very different.

But I love you, even if you're not the type to read PostSecret with me on certain Sunday mornings.

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