Saturday, October 15, 2011

They grow up so fast

A while back we had puppies!

Look at them now. Aren't they precious?

 Mimi is the smallest in the group. She's so quiet and fragile. She mostly keeps to herself. When Camille comes home, she gets carried around all day. She sort of looks like Misty in this photo.

 Balfie, as we used to call her because she sort of looked like Alfie, is the smart one. She usually bullies Mimi. I call her Blair now, but everyone else calls her Balfie.

Nala likes attention. She will roll around and end up on her back just so you notice her. She's very sweet. She got so big so fast! She's almost the same size as Benzene.

I am writing this as Nala sits on my lap impatiently, wanting to play.

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