Friday, February 10, 2012

Corals are alive!

I could never understand how corals could be alive. I've read and confirmed this fact on every textbook, website, and Discovery channel show, and yet I could never come to believe it. I could not understand how or why, I just couldn't accept it. They looked lifeless enough to me.

And yet I stumble upon a really cool science blog and find these time lapse videos.

These are actual videos of corals climbing out of what could have been a very sandy grave. Amaaaaazing.

I apologize to all the coral feelings I've hurt with my firm (and erroneous) stance on their "mortality", or (assumed) lack of.

I stand corrected and promise to be appalled (even more so than I usually am) at issues of dynamite fishing and the death of our seas (those murderers!).

Corals live! Yes, they do.

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