Friday, February 17, 2012

NYX Round Lipstick: Paparazzi & Milani in Tangerine

Got myself a bunch of new lipsticks, but I only had time to try two of them on. 

NYX Round Lipstick: Paparazzi (second to the right on first photo)
Most people think that NYX has a consistency that's too soft. Given that it melts easily, that doesn't really help when living in a tropical country. I like it though, prefer it to the heavy lipstick feel. 

Milani in Tangerine (Rightmost on first photo)
This shade is more orange than the photo shows. It also has this grown up perfume smell. Nice cheap drugstore lipstick. Got this from Target.

 Lip balm, NYX Round Lipstick in Paparazzi, and Milani in Tangerine. Excuse the bags,these were taken with only lipstick, powder concealer, and of course, eyebrows.

Okaaay. Admittedly I was playing around hence that last photo. Haha!


  1. Target? There's Target in PI or you're here?!?!

  2. From there babe. Had it shipped. :)

  3. Oh. I kinda wished you were here! :) Miss you! :-*

  4. I think you better don't wear any make up. More natural and exotic caused your lip already stated it. The more you wear make up the more your exotic beauty covered by, that's bad, i am serious. Your face really really look good upon bare one


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