Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Las Paellas, Festival Supermall

My summer schedule make me come and go at inopportune times (meaning I'm still on the road home during dinner time). My family has lately been victim to my hunger pangs and hunger outbursts. This has led us to have impromptu meals out.

Traveling from Ortigas to Paranaque at dinner time gives us ample time to deliberate where we are to eat( that's if we convince my mom to eat out). One place we've been frequenting lately is this Spanish restaurant at Festival Mall. 

Las Paellas is a pretty good paella place. A nice, simple space. Our little default paella place in the south.

Now I love soup. I cannot stress this enough. (I once spent a good chunk of my teenage years addicted to Hot and Sour soup, to the point that I tried making it at home-- more on that at another time). Point is, I love soup, and clam chowder is a favorite.

In Las Paellas, they got the consistency just right for me-- I usually want it chunkier. (PHP 118)

I love churros! I will probably love churros anywhere I try them but Las Paellas' version is served hot,  crispy on the outside and softer on the inside. The chocolate dip is to die for! (PHP 158)

Now other people think that two paellas for one family might seem a bit excessive, but you haven't seen us eat-- and you probably haven't heard about this promo.

Paella Valenciana (PHP 495)

Paella Negra (PHP 88) 

At this point Oliver Twist has started to sing "Food, glorious food..." in my head. Excuse me while I now try to persuade Nanay to eat out again tonight.

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