Thursday, April 12, 2012

Meet Mang Rudy

Two days in my internship and feeling a little more tired than I'm used to. Before going to bed tonight, on one of my earlier bedtimes, I found myself scanning through Facebook. It wasn't long before I found photos of this man named Mang Rudy.

Living in a kariton and often found along E. Rodriguez corner Banawe, this man cares for 16 dogs and 2 cats.  Whether it be scavenging for food from fastfood chain dumps, or working as a parking attendant and collecting recyclables,  Mang Rudy finds a way to feed these animals he took responsibility for.

According to the photos, Mang Rudy finds an affinity to these lost dogs. He sees himself as a stray. With no plans in the future, he just takes it one day at a time and struggles to keep all 18 members of his family happy and well fed. He is pictured above with his favorite dog-- a blind dachshund he rescued.  As was pointed out in the photos,  all of the animals looked extremely happy and healthy.

Mang Rudy sleeps in the same spot the dogs do. Yes, that is his pillow one of the dogs are on.

I love dogs, and sometimes I feel sick when I see dog owners neglecting their pets. This man sets an example to all of us. It doesn't take much to love, but it takes a lot of commitment and responsibility to take care of these guys. What he's doing is no easy feat. (We have 8 dogs at home so I know!)

I am amazed at in awe at how much good can be in a person. 

(I feel compelled to run to Quezon City and offer to help this man, but I can't so I settle on writing this in hopes that someone better equipped to do something takes notice. Now excuse me while I ball my eyes out, again.)

All photos from Facebook user Jason Querma. See the whole album here. Visit The Rudy Project website.

*I just found this heartwarming story online, have not actually met or seen Mang Rudy myself.

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