Sunday, April 15, 2012

Meet the Chihuahuas

Misty is very sweet. Contrary to when she first came home to us, she now resembles a fat piggy more than she does a chihuahua.

Blair is the middle sized puppy. The most ingenious of the bunch. She sometimes looks like a rabbit with her ears pulled back like that.

Nala, the biggest puppy, likes attention and the taste of feet. She likes giving and receiving affection-- maybe even more than licking feet!

Mimi is small and aloof. Just the right size to keep in a purse. Poor doggy gets thrown around by the others when they get excited.

Benzene is the alpha male. He only loves me and he certainly doesn't like photos.


I was told that the photo of Misty does not do her justice. Here's another one.

"Draw me like one of your french girls.." (Photo by Camille)


  1. omglob they're so cute! I want one just like Mimi :)

  2. You should get a chihuahua pup! They're precious!


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